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As a Birdi user you may want to invite other to join your workspace, share your missions, data and insights with internal or external stakeholders, and prefer to do this in an environment that represents your brand/company.

This article explains how to customise your workspaces with your branding.

Customise your workspace

To customise your workspace we have three options.

  1. Use your workspace name

The workspace name is a quick way to represent your brand within the Birdi environment. You will find it has defaulted to your organisation name but can be easily updated.

To use the workspace name you just need to switch the toggle: Default your workspace name to be used in the top left.

2. Upload and use a logo

Adding your brand logo is another great way to personalise your workspace.

We recommend that your logo is in this format:

White font, 400x320px PNG with a transparent background

Tip: We strongly recommend you use your favicon or a square based logo from your brand kit and if you would like to display your company name then select option 3 below.

3. Use your workspace name & uploaded logo

You can also have a combination of the two if your logo is more graphical and your still need to have your company name.

Note: You can upload a logo with a background colour but it may look unprofessional with the current navigation bar. We hope to have more customisation capabilities in the future.

Customise your email header

Similar to the logo for the workspace you can add a logo for use in a few key emails that are sent between yourself and your invitee’s.

These emails are automated from the platform and are sent during the invitations or sharing a mission workflows.

The emails updated are:

  • Sharing a mission to an existing user in your workspace

  • Sharing a mission to new user

  • Invitation from an organisation owner to join your workspace

We recommend that your logo is in this format:

Dark font, 400x320px, PNG

How does this look in email notifications?

Great question! We have kept it very simple and it swaps our Birdi logo for yours in the header. All the content of the email and links stay untouched.


If you would like to see more branding options or have any questions please feel free to contact us via chat.

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